Our Company


The word "Luceat/ Lluceatt" is derived from ancient Latin and is translated as "To Shine"

Hand-poured in London, using high-quality sustainable components - we are proud of the time we have spent researching and testing to bring you our Candle Collection

Lluceatt was created during a difficult time to remind us there is light to be found in the darkness. Despite being hard, we have the ability and the strength to come back to ourselves and light an internal fire that can't be put out. We believe sharing this vision shows our transparency which is integral to building strong communities of shared experiences

We believe there is joy to be found by surrounding yourself with pieces you love; telling a story about why you have chosen them

We hope to create a striking and broad range that can complement your decor and enhance your creativity when designing your home

We look forward to seeing your pictures and thank you for allowing us into your homes and into your hearts


"Lluceatt Lux Vestra - Let Your Light Shine"